Multi-string Guitars

Detail view of the 10-string fingerboardThe 10-string headstock

Multi-string guitars with 7, 8, 10 or more strings, are always custom built instruments for me. Whether it’s a 7-string with an extra high string or a 10-string cutaway, or one with high drone strings al la Gismonti between the basses, each one starts out with the players wishes for different tonal expressions and harmonic possibilities that are beyond the range and scope of the standard classical guitar.

Since most Multi-strings have an extended bass range, I generally use a slightly larger and deeper body than my usual classical guitar. This also fits proportionally better with the wider neck and oversize bridge.  The “Lattice“ bracing seems to be especially well suited for these guitars. The stiff, light top firms up the basses and brings out a transparency and liveliness in the mids and trebles that’s surprising in an instrument with such a predominance in the bass frequencies.  

“I just wanted to tell you that as I continue to get to know this guitar, I can't help but feel that it is the best guitar on the planet. It is truly amazing - the sound, the resonance, the tone, and the easy feel of the fret-board, and those bass strings. WOW!!

Thanks again for the best 10 string on the continent. Actually when I'm playing it I'm not sure if it is a guitar, lute, cello or piano.”

Norman Learo
Guitarist, Composer