Full view of a Classical guitar


Ordering and Prices

The large variety of custom guitars I build makes it hard to produce a comprehensive price list. Please inquire about prices for specific instruments.

My schedule is usually booked up for 18 months. Sometimes, due to a cancellation, a shorter time frame is possible. To be placed on my waiting list requires a deposit of 20%; the balance is due upon delivery.


Most of my instruments go directly from my shop into the hands of their owners, but some are sold through stores. Here are some places that at times sell my guitars:

Guitars in Stock

Although most of my guitars are built to order I try to have at least a few instruments available for sale and to try out.

Take a look at The “Collection” page which provides details on 4 or 5 guitars that are currently available for sale.

Stock instruments, as well as ordered instruments of my standard line, are shipped on approval for 6 days. For more detailed information please write me and specify the instrument(s) you are interested in.

30th Anniversary CD

To commemorate my 30th anniversary of guitar building, I'm pleased to release a collection of music played by professional musicians on their Graf guitars. This CD can be ordered directly from Oskar at the address below.

How to Reach me

I am happy to get your comments or answer questions about my guitars or guitar building.

Oskar Graf
10 Whelan St.
PO Box 483
Westport, ON
K0G 1X0

613 273-5301