Welcome to the workshop of Oskar Graf

Maker of fine Classical, Acoustic and Archtop guitars since 1970

Oskar Graf's workshop

In his small workshop near Clarendon, Oskar Graf has been designing and building hand-crafted stringed instruments for an exclusive and appreciative group of musicians. Oskar's extensive knowledge and dedication to his art are reflected in the creation of his custom hand built guitars.


I now live in Westport, Ontario

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1973 – 2023

MY 50th ANNIVERSARY of guitar building.

Yes, it says “since 1970” above, however I spent the first years building folk instruments and built my first guitars, a Classical and a 12 String Acoustic, in 1973... for more details see What’s New…


For Sale: 2020 Archtop Guitar

For Sale: 2020 Archtop Guitar

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From the Workshop

My new workshop is completed. It's much smaller than my Clarendon shop, just a converted garage, but functions well enough for building a few guitars.

Oskar Graf's workshop in Westport

The new workshop in Westport

Over the last years I've built just two guitars a season, mainly orders but also to replace instruments from my Collection. The latest guitar was a Cut-away in Zirikote with a cedar top for Toronto guitarist Jason Fowler.

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A Special 50th Anniversary Guitar

Sitka spruce for the special Archtop

Most of my instruments start with an order but this one starts with a large old, split billet of Sitka spruce. It calls me with the potential of becoming that special Archtop Guitar... for more details see What’s New…


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