Classical Guitar

A classical duo - Cedar and Spruce top guitars Spruce top, rosette detail Front, Bearclaws Spruce top

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My Classical guitars are built with Indian rosewood for back and sides and either spruce or cedar for the top. Both instruments are the same size, however I adjust the top-bracing to compliment the different woods.

Detail view of lattice bracing

Over the last years I have developed a “Lattice” braced system that I use mainly with my cedar top guitars. The light cedar top works well with the denser lattice bracing, resulting in a strong, evenly balanced guitar.

For the spruce top instruments I still prefer my seven bar fan bracing that I have fine-tuned and perfected over nearly two decades of building. The general tonal quality that I am looking for in both is that of the old Hauser guitars, a well defined, clear but warm tone that allows for a lot of expression and dynamics.

I spend a lot of thought and time on the playability of a guitar. I use 65 cm scale length with a precision compensated nut and saddle. My fingerboards are slightly crowned, making the barre more comfortable.  String height and spacing can be adjusted to suit the player's hand and playing style.

You can read more about my approach to building in an article I wrote for Tom Blackshear’s Luthier's Showcase forum on fine tuning a guitar..


Specifications and Dimensions

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