The Parlour Guitar

Parlour back in Curly Big Leaf Maple

The Parlour guitar has always charmed me with its sound, the intimate size and ease of playing. Inspired by a 1901 J.G. Schroeder and a 1928 Martin New Yorker, this light and responsive guitar has a nearly classical feel. Strung with extra light gauge Thomastic strings, it has a warm, expressive and surprisingly powerful sound. It also shows its 19th century parentage to sound great with classical strings.

A sweet guitar, a real honey!

Miles Dempster, guitarist.

Lately I have developed a distinctly separate model, a more 1930's style guitar that's stronger and tighter and designed for standard light gauge strings. In sound and response it's somewhat between the light parlour and the C-model.

Specifications and Dimensions

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