What the players say about Graf guitars

From Don Denaberg, Toronto about his Custom 12Fret C-Model


Thank you, from deep in my heart, for the exceptional job you did building my guitar.  You really understood all the things we talked about, and put them into the guitar.  It is everything I imagined and hoped it would be . . . and more!  It is so beautiful! - both in appearance, and, of course, the sweet and beautiful sound of it.  It makes music just by strumming on it - before you even play a song.  It is incredible that such a small guitar has such a big, full, wondrous sound.  I love it.  I know you don't want to have Jason feel bad, but between you and me, this really is the nicest guitar you have ever made, isn't it.  (It will be our little secret.)

After years of thinking about it, it's hard to believe that I actually own and have my dream guitar - but there it is!  I will fully and thoroughly enjoy playing my beautiful Oskar Graf "special DD custom" guitar for the rest of my life.  (And, who knows, maybe I will have you build me another one in a few years.) 

With every good wish,

From Jason Fowler about his new 2000 cutaway

Hi Oskar,

i'm delighted to say that this new guitar is an astonishing instrument.
it actually surpasses the '84 model in many ways; more open sounding,
looser feel (shorter scale length?), bigger bass, more developed
midrange and full, dark trebles that still have tremendous clarity and

I can't thank you enough for making me such a wonderful instrument!
i've already written a new guitar piece which will hopefully find its
way onto the new CD.

In fact, i plan to use this new guitar to record the whole record!

Listen to Jason Fowlers CD “ Big Hill Little Hill “ recorded with the new guitar
distributed by “Joe Radio” 1 800 563 7234

May 06
Hi Oskar,

The guitar arrived Friday morning.

The bass is much more resonent than mine and the trebles shimmer.  I feel it vibrate more when I play it.  Quite simply, I'm honoured to have one of your creations.  Just sitting on its stand, I will study it like a painting for all its detail and love of detail.  The overall appearance is more compact than mine (which feels great) and there is something about the tappered headstock that "flows" very well with the rest of the design.  The inlay stands out great and I think adds just the right touch of personality.

Thank you so much for this gift.  My whole family loves it and can hear the difference.  Perhaps my quartet mates will finally be able to hear me without snapping the strings to get volume.

Holding this instrument inspires me to play even better.

Remember, if ever there develops a guitar building class please consider me.  While I would never gain your experience at this stage of life, better late than never.  May I stay in touch with you over the guitar's career?

Love and laughter

Sep. 2004

Dear Oskar,

Thank you for building such fine instruments! I want to let you know how much I'm enjoying the guitar my wife, Linda, honoured me with last week. It's gorgeous, both visually and aurally. I never knew how much more sustain was possible, and the clarity of individual notes is awesome. In fact, it really is inspiring to play, because I can hear grace notes and tremolo so much more readily now and with less effort. Fifth fret harmonics used to be a challenge, but not on the Graf! And the cutaway lets me play a clean 12th-fret barre--no more fudging required.

I'm delighted to be the proud owner of a Graf guitar.

June 04
Dear Oskar,

I'm holding your new guitar in my hands now and I'm just overwhelmed by its beauty and sound. Thank you so much for building these fantastic guitars. Ziricote in this quality is my favourite guitar wood. It has power in the low end and tonal clarity all over the fretboard! The guitar is a joy to play.
The money is on the way to your account.

Please let me know when you take new orders.

Hope to hear from you and thanks for the great business relationship we have!

Best regards

Oliver Waitze
New Acoustic Gallery

April 16/03
From Norman Learo, Miramichi NB, after receiving his 10-string Classical

Hello Oskar:

I believe it's important for artists to get feedback on their work, and
your work is of a fine artist. You once said to me in one of our
conversations that you were not "famous", you should be or will be!!.
But fame is an illusion and I know of some famous guitarists whom could
not come close to some of the things I play on guitar.  So true
substance is of more value.  I think your work is of the finest quality
and should rank with the "famous".

Patrick Rechner about his 04 Classical Cut-Away

Hello Oskar,

First of all, let me thank you again for building such an amazing guitar for

It's been opening up and maturing wonderfully - a beautiful, clear,
resounding bell-like/harp-like sound (just what I was looking for!). It also
has a bit of lively crispness (great for flamenco) but without any of the
usually accompanying harshness or brittleness whatsoever. Several
professional musicians here in Ottawa (Alan Marsden, Dave Schryer, James
Cohen, Michael McDonald, and others) have also played it and were even more
astounded than I at the beautiful sound.

In short, I'm absolutely, absolutely, absolutely delighted with your

Hi Oskar,

I played the guitar that you built for Arthur McGregor yesterday.

I'm kind of at a loss for words.  The guitar is wonderful!  Each note sounds
like it's suspended in crystal; incredible definition, great sustain, huge
dynamic range, just a great sounding guitar.

The workmanship is excellent, of course.  I really liked the multi-layer
binding on the neck, and the subtle sort of flattened volute at the
headstock.  Luxurious without being flashy, very elegant indeed.

I must ask, though: was the guitar built from the Brazilian rosewood that
you got from Paul Wyskowski?  It certainly looked like old-growth wood to

As you can tell, I'm very impressed.  Another terrific instrument from your
workshop.  It really made me wish I could afford another guitar...

Cheers and all best wishes.

Dave O'Heare

From Julian Lesmana, Jakarta,  March 1999

Hi, Oskar,

I received the guitar today. Thanks. My worries were certainly unfounded. No dings, no scratches. Just perfect.

The guitar is very beautiful. I like the braz for the back... The spruce is perfect: the color, the grain, the rays. To be honest, I NEVER looked any soundboard better than this!!!!!! And the craftmanship is very precise and awesome.

The tone is quite similar with the one I used to play in 1985, except this one is better. The tonal quality is just like Hauser. The volume is intimate, not too loud, and the sustain is perfect, not too short not too long. I did not find any dead notes. The bass is deep, well balance, except the 1st string is a bit sharp although its overtone is beautiful, and it rings. Its projection is excellent. I need to develop the tone as the wood will need to be settled first.

The neck shape, scale length and thickness suit me well.

I will tell you more about the guitar in the future time once I develop the tone.

Thank you Oskar, I finally have an Oskar Graf guitar after 15 years dreaming.

Julian Michael Lesmana.